Food & Agriculture

Essa Lootah & Sons, Agricultural sector is focused primarily on local food production to meet consumer demand and our national food security requirements.

EZBATKM Foodstuff Trading L.L.C.

We are based in Dubai and service Hotels, Restaurants, Catering companies, Specialty stores, Gourmet food retailers, bakeries, Airline companies & cafes throughout the GCC. We focus on sourcing food and equipment that add value to F&B operators and help them minimize costs, streamline operations and enhance their clients’ dining experience.

AMERAT Al Ward Agriculture

We focus on organic farming whose demand has been increasing every day throughout the globe. We invest and create developments in modern farming technologies internationally, Combine them with traditional farming Methods and enable sustainable and efficient production.

Essa Lootah &sons. is a UAE-based investment company with a multi-industry business portfoliospanning 13 sectors, 1000+ employees, and more than 26 operating subsidiaries.