Fitness & Wellness

Essa Lootah & Sons have 3 subsidiaries in this sector- Transform Fitness Center L.L.C, Transform Nourish food supplements & Transform Altitude Fitness center.

Transform Altitude Fitness center

Transform Altitude is an exclusive Strength & Conditioning facility in the heart of Dubai for people of all levels on their health and fitness journey. The center is the home of the best sports performance coaches in the region who have experience in creating the best training programs alongside working with some of the best elite athletes across different sports.

Transform Fitness Center L.L.C

Transform Specialist Medical Centre is a world leader in Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Surgery. Through the leadership of Dr. George John and his multi-disciplinary team. TSMC has helped more than 25,000 athletes across all sports including Football, Rugby, Tennis, and Cricket. Boxing and Track & Field, rapidly recover from injury to return to peak performance.

Transform Nourish food supplements

A pioneer in the field of herbal remedies, dietary supplements, and sports nutrition, provides a wide range of whole food certified organic supplements with high quality and functional foods which includes greens and superfoods.

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