General Trading

Essa Lootah & Sons. Has seen tremendous growth in this sector in the last decade. Expanding our business interests across different sectors, Essa Lootah & sons has 3 subsidiaries in this sector-

 ​Romain swimming pool L.L.C IS an internationally recognized swimming pool company with entirely Emarati management that provides best-in-class swimming pool installation services across the region.

SafeCo Fire Fighting Equipments L.L.C

SafeCo supplies high-quality fire fighting equipment and fire extinguisher across Dubai and the Middle East for many markets. Our products have been certified by various regulatory organizations in UAE

Spider building equipment & materials trading

 ​Spider building equipment & materials provides state-of-the-art building equipment and materials, to achieve the highest quality results. our company offer a wide range of products coupled with a team of highly experienced and trained staff.

Essa Lootah &sons. is a UAE-based investment company with a multi-industry business portfolio spanning 13 sectors, 1000+ employees, and more than 26 operating subsidiaries.